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What is it? Manit means ‘culture’ in Marshallese and Marshallese Manit is a project where we  email out a short essay about Marshallese culture / life every Sunday morning.  The goal is to have short essays that can be read in a few minutes and serve as a discussion topic for you and your family for the week ahead.  The project was started September 2017 and currently runs during the school year and is off for the summers.

Audience:  The primary audience are those families that have adopted Marshallese children (both internationally or domestically); however, it is open to all including extended family members, friends, teachers or anyone else that has an interest about the Marshall Islands. 

Examples of topics:  Geography of Marshall Islands, significance of the Marshallese flag and emblem, geology of atolls, outrigger canoes, story of the first coconut (Tobolar), story of the Jobwa dance, natural history of coconut and breadfruit trees, history or Marshall Islands,  significance of Kemens & funerals, nuclear testing at Bikini atoll, effects of climate change on Marshall Islands, etc.  Our goal is to have 100+ essays eventually and repeat essays every 2 years.

Collective effort:  Our goal is to make this a collective group effort.  We are far from experts about the Marshall Islands but are functioning to organize this project.  We are looking for volunteers to contribute essays or provide constructive feedback on past essays.  If you are interested in being involved in this capacity please email us at the contact information listed below.

Subscribe:  send an email to manit-join@marshallese-manit.org   

After you subscribe you will receive a confirmatory email to make sure you are not a robot.  Simply reply to this and you will be added.

Unsubscribe:  If this project does not meet your expectations you can unsubscribe by sending a blank email to manit-leave@marshallese-manit.org

If there is anyone else you know that might be interested please forward this message / website address on to them.

Kommol tata,

The Manit Editors

To contact us: editors@marshallese-manit.org OR jbych5@gmail.com (put Marshallese Manit in subject line so it does not get filtered into trash)


**Marshallese Manit is not associated with any other organizations and is completely voluntary and does not collect any form of money.

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