Paul Peterson

We suspect that many of you have read about this week but for those that have not, adoption lawyer Paul Peterson was arrested this week on multiple charges of adoption fraud. Mr Peterson has been involved with Marshallese domestic adoptions since around 2010 and the investigators are primarily focusing on his behaviors from 2015 to present. He lives in Mesa, AZ and belongs to the Later Day Saints and did his required mission trip in Majuro from 1994 to 1996.

Below are a few stories and videos on this developing story. There are sure to be many developments and updates to this situation.

Washington Post 10/9/19

USA Today

News story – Youtube

Arizona Press conference 10/10/19

Utah Press conference 10/10/19

The following was taken from a facebook posting: If you’re in Utah, had a placement in Utah and have any information at all that you found strange, unethical, questionable with your adoption please call this FBI hotline number 801-839-5640. They are not looking to disrupt the adoption, get the birth mother in trouble; they are looking for more information to stop the unethical lawyers.