Marshallese Children’s books

The following is a list of Marshallese children’s books.

  1. The Whale and the Sandpiper – digital version
    • A Marshallese folktale, said to be used as a bedtime tale.  Parents would just keep calling in more birds and sea creatures until the child fell asleep.
  2. Surf War!: A Folktale from the Marshall Islands, by Margaret Read MacDonald  (Author), Geraldo Valerio (Illustrator)
    • A variation of The Whale and the Sandpiper
  3. Won Ar Komman Kwe Im Na? A Children’s Song From the Marshall Islands, by Biram and Tina Stege and illustrated by Lauren Pollata 
    • This book illustrates this children’s song that has been sung in churches throughout the Marshall Islands.  A CD of the song is included.  The book is published by Our Savior Lutheran School Press,  Bronx, NY
  4. Island of the Invisible Being: Benjua’s Story: A Legend from the Marshall Islands by Madelain Westermann (Author), Erin Johnson (Illustrator)
    • When you’re filled with fear disappointment and despair do you shrink down and hide or do you get up and survive? The Island of the Invisible Being is a legend that will touch the hearts of all.  The author and Illustrator are Americans that have worked on Kwajalein.
  5. Marshallese Alphabet by Dr. Lori Phillips,  Bess Press
  6. From the Mouth of the Monster Eel
    • Introduces 6 stories from Micronesia (Marshalls, Guam, Yap), with appropriate reading level for children (7-8th grade). 53 pages with some illustrations in black and white, Bo Flood, Fulcrum Publishing, 1996.
  7. My First Marshallese 200 Picture Word Book by Gerard Aflague  (Author), Mary Aflague (Editor) (Amazon)
  8. Teach Me To Count in Marshallese by Gerard Aflague  (Author) (Amazon)
  9. Colors in Marshallese: with English Translations by Gerard Aflague (Author), Mary Aflague (Editor) (Amazon)
  10. My First Marshallese Children’s Bible Stories with English Translations by Mary Aflague, Gerard Aflague (Amazon)
  11. Teach me to Pray in Marshallese: A Colorful Children’s Prayer Book by Mary Aflague, Gerard Aflague (Amazon)
  12. Alphabet Alliteration by Adele Marie Crouch  
    • bilingual book in English and Marshallese
  13. Where Hummingbirds Come From by Adele Marie Crouch 
    • bilingual book in English and Marshallese
  14. The Dance of the Caterpillars by Adele Marie Crouch 
    • bilingual book in English and Marshallese
  15. How the Fox Got His Color by Adele Marie Crouch 
    • bilingual book in English and Marshallese
  16. The Unbound Bookmaker Project 
    • project coordinated by Jaimie Zvirzdin and is collection of 15 books written in English and Marshallese by students in the Marshall Islands. 

If you are aware of other children’s books not listed above please let us know ( and we will add it to the list.