Marshallese Basics: 4

Here is the 4th and final video on Marshallese basics by Amber Bates.   This video covers the “no” commands in Marshallese including “don’t touch that”, “don’t bite”, “don’t hit” and others.

Kommol tata (many thanks) to Amber for sharing this with us.

Marshallese Basics 4 video

(Source: Amber Bates, Youtube

  • Don’t touch:     jab jibwe
  • Don’t make noise:     jab keroro
  • Don’t put that in your mouth:    jab ňan lọňiin
  • Don’t shout/scream:    jab laṃōj
  • Don’t hit:    jab ṃane
  • Don’t bother me:     Jab kaabṇōṇō ňa
  • Don’t play with that:     jab iukkure kake
  • Don’t dig:    jab kūbwij
  • Don’t bite me:    jab kijaō