Marshallese Basics: 1

Here is a video on basic Marshallese.  Try opening the video in a separate window and following along with the list below.
Marshallese Basics 1 video 

(Source: Amber Bates, Youtube, 2017)

  • Hello, my name is Amber: Iọkwe, eta in Amber
  • Hello: iọkwe
  • No: jab
  • Foriegner: ribelle
  • Yes: aet or ña
  • Good: eṃṃan
  • Very good: eṃṃan tata
  • Bad: nana
  • Please: jouj
  • You’re welcome: kõn jouj
  • I’m sorry (excuse me): joḷọk bõd
  • I’m sorry (I feel sad for you): Iọkwe
  • I don’t know: ijaje
  • I didn’t know: iarjaje
  • I want: ikõņaan
  • You want: kwo kõņaan
  • To make noise: keroro
  • Stop making noise: jab keroro
  • Talk: kõnono
  • Stop talking: jab kõnono