Marshall Islands Seal

Marshall Islands Seal

The official seal of the Marshall Islands was approved in 1986, 7 years after the Marshall Islands became independent from the USA and self-governing.

In the center is the Angel of Peace with outstretched wings. Around the angel from the top and moving clockwise are the following:

  • First, is the 24 point star representing the 21 municipalities of the Republic. The four long rays represent the 4 sub-center of Majuro, Jaluit, Wotje and Kwajalein.
  • Next, on either side of the star are the rays which are on the flag. Each ray is of 2 colors, one orange, representing bravery and the other white representing peace. The two-colored rays also represent the two chains of the atolls, the Ratak (Sunrise) and the Ralik (Sunset).
  • Above the left wing of the angel is a fishing net, representing fish being the main staple of the diet of the Marshallese.
  • Below the wing is an outrigger canoe.
  • Under the angel is a stick chart used for navigation.
  • Under the angle’s right wing is an island with coconut tree. All 
of the Marshall Islands are low lying atolls covered with coconut trees.
  • Above the right wing of the Angel is a “pounder”, made out of a giant clam shell and treasured by every family that owns one. The pounder is used to pound pandanus leaves, which are used for making mats, sails and traditionally, clothing.
  • Around the outer edges of the Marshallese Seal are the words “Republic of the Marshall Islands” and at the bottom is the national motto, Jepilpilin ke Ejukaan, which means: accomplishment through joint effort.
  • The rim of the seal is a link chain representing that the islands are all linked together, half of the chain representing the Ralik group and the other half the Ratak.

Source: Micronesia Forum, September 2017

Seal of the Marshall Islands
Seal of the Marshall Islands