Jebwe: Marshallese Paddles

When sailing outrigger canoes, there are 3 paddles (jebwe) that Marshallese people would use.  The first and largest one was know as Jōbranae and is the main paddle used during voyages.  The 2nd paddle is known as Jepañdik and it assists the Jōbranae.   The last and smallest paddle is known as the Kiped and is used to guide the outrigger canoe back home through shallow waters.   A Marshallese custom is to refer to women as jined kipid.  The translation is that jined is mother and kipid is rudder and refers that the mother is the rudder of the family.

Canoes of the Marshall Islands

The above is adapted with permission from the Marshallese consulate in Honolulu, Hawaii. In the Fall of 2018 the consulate posted several pieces on culture to celebrate Manit day on their facebook page.