End of school year post 2019


Last week was the last post of Marshallese Manit for this school year. We will be off for the summer and will restart after Labor Day. Next year will be our 3rd year and we plan to start our 2-year rotation of posts with continued additions and revisions.

We are contemplating how we publish posts next year. Originally, we planned to have weekly posts year round. We decreased the frequency due to a lack of posts and the amount of work to produce each one. However, many have come to us that they like the decreased frequency as our lives are too busy to spend the time to read and digest posts weekly. So we are considering moving to every other week and then continuing year round.

Please email us editors@marshallese-manit.org if you have any thoughts regarding this or other suggestions.

Kommol to the over 200 readers of Marshallese Manit and kommol tata to those that have helped contribute entries. Have a great summer and see you this fall.

The editors