End of school year post

Iakwe,                                                                        6/3/18

Last week was our last post for Marshallese Manit and we are taking a break for the summer.  We will return after Labor Day.

Short message: We’ve created a privacy policy. Check it out if you wonder about such things.

Long message:

Here is  brief update.  As is typical of many things in life, this project has taken more time than expected and are in need of more essays.  Initially, we were hoping to have enough essays to fill 2 years worth of posts by the end of the 2nd year but we are now thinking that this might take 3-4 years.  Until that time, we project that we will continue as we have been and skip posts every 4 weeks and take summers off. 

We are still in search of authors.  We have about 15 people that have expressed interest in writing essays and 8 have produced essays.  If we can get of these 15 people (or others) to write an essay every 3-4 months then we would be well on our way getting this project done.  Please let us know if you are interested in pledging to be an author and let us know how many you are thinking of doing and how long you think it will take for each essay (eg, once every 3 months, 6 months etc).   Email us at:  editors@marshallese-manit.org  We may contact you at your pledged interval and check to see how you are doing.  The editors do have the responsibility of doing some fact checking and editing of essays, so do not be surprised if the final post is a little different.

We have found researching for essays has often been challenging.  With as much information that is on the internet these days, there is often little on certain Marshallese topics and what is out there may conflict each other.   If you write an essay, you may run into this.  We ask that authors include references for their essays so readers have sources to refer to and can aide editors in fact checking.  If you can include a photo about your topic that is helpful.  Please include source of this photo or web link. 

Below is a list of topics that we have  1) completed, 2) started (partially researched) and 3) ideas for future posts.  If you think of a topic not on the list, go ahead and write on it.  Chances are if you are thinking about it, several others would be interested.  We are open to posting pretty much anything, as long as it is not offensive or somehow inappropriate.

We are also looking for editors.  These are people that would review and fact check posts before being published.  One option is that editors would get a copy of essays 5 days before posting this would give chance to review and edit.   Email us if interested.

To date we have about 160 readers for Marshallese Manit.  At this point we are not actively recruiting members and instead focusing on production.  However, if you know someone that might be interested, (eg grandparents, friends, teachers, etc) please forward them to our website or send us an email. 

So, seriously think about sitting down and writing an essay.  Perhaps it might be a good summertime project or something for the fall or winter.  Let us know any feedback that you may have on Marshallese Manit, positive, negative and hopefully constructive.  We are all busy with our own family, work and lives and don’t have a ton of much time to make major changes right now.  However, we will keep ideas in mind so that once we have more essays written we can focus on other changes.  We hope that you are finding that  Marshallese Manit is of value. 

Kommol tata (thank you) for participating in Marshallese Manit

The Marshallese Manit editors


Completed topics

  • General Geography of RMI
  • Flag or RMI
  • Government Seal
  • Books on the Marshall Islands – non-fiction
  • Geology of Atolls
  • Tattoos of RMI
  • Marshallese language – Counting to 10 – with video
  • The Alele Basket
  • Breadfruit tree – Natural history of
  • Canoes: part 1
  • Canoes – design and types – part 2
  • Tuberculosis
  • Marshallese language – Basics 1, 2 and 3
  • Kwon Kiki Lullaby – video with lyrics
  • Leprosy
  • Kemen – what is it and how are they celebrated
  • Pregnancy customs
  • Climate of RMI
  • Nuclear overview & Bikini atoll
  • Dance – Jobwa
  • Biography – Robert Reimers
  • Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Test Range
  • Kili bag – history of
  • Climate Change Poem and video by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner 
  • Skipjack tuna
  • Diabetes

In progress – need further work or final editing

  • Constitution of the Marshall Islands Preamble
  • Parties of Naura agreement
  • Story of Tobolar / coconuts
  • Navigation – Stick Charts
  • Biography – Amata Kabua
  • Biography – Amelia Earhart
  • German Era
  • Spanish Era
  • Protestant religion in RMI
  • Missionaries – Protestants
  • Biography – Bully Hayes


Potential Essays  – Higher priority or higher interest

  • Clans / Jowi
  • Compact of free Association (COFA)
  • Funerals – what are they like in RMI
  • Gospel Day – about Dr Pierson & Morning Star,  also on play given
  • History – any of the topics listed below
  • Iroji / Alap / Kajoor – social structure
  • Land tenure
  • Matrilineal Inheritance
  • Traditional attire
  • Traditional fishing – methods used
  • Traditional foods of RMI

Potential Essays – other priority

  • Adoption – International (with USA)
  • Adoption – traditional (Marshallese)
  • Adoption act of 2002 – history behind it and what it did
  • Alcohol and other substance abuse
  • American Era – Post WWII
  • Arrowroot – natural history
  • Atoll nations of the world
  • Banana – natural history of
  • Betel Nut use
  • Bibliography – good books about RMI – fiction – with summary of each
  • Bibliography – children’s books about RMI – with summary of each
  • Bikini – people and displacement
  • Biography – Adoplph Capelle – trader era
  • Biography – Kadu – Russian Era
  • Biography – Kotzebue – Russian Era
  • Biography – Antone Jose deBrum – trading era
  • Biography – Carl Russel Heine – from German era
  • Biography – Christopher Loeak
  • Biography – Presidents of RMI
  • Biography – Tony de Brum
  • Birds of Marshall Islands
  • Black birding – what is it and how much was done in RMI
  • Canvasback – charity and roles in RMI
  • Climate change
  • Coconut – factory in Majuro
  • Coconut – natural history of
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Communicable diseases – main ones of concern, eg Tb, leporsy, Hepatitis, syphillis, Mump, Measels
  • Community Structure –  Traditionally more communal, collective or subsistence society than monetary structure; how different from US
  • Constitution day
  • Coral – biology of
  • Council of Iroij – what it is and how it works with government
  • Cowries – what are they and importance
  • Dance – Jepta
  • Demographics – population growth, etc
  • Diplomatic ties – what countries RMI has ties with, embassies, etc
  • Domesticated animals – Chickens, dogs and pigs
  • Education – on outer islands – challenges
  • Education in RMI – Primary and Secondary – structure and issues
  • El Nino / el nina in RMI
  • Executive branch of RMI – The president, how similar or different than US
  • Expatriate Marshallese – list top places in US
  • Fed states of Micronesia
  • Giant Clams
  • Government structure
  • Handicrafts – history and affect on economy
  • Hepatitis B
  • Holidays
  • Human trafficking
  • Jaki-Ed – what is it and significance
  • Jaluit Atoll
  • Jaluit company
  • Japan – current role in RMI – assistance
  • Japan Era
  • JICA – Japanese form of Peace Corps
  • Judicial system
  • King tides – what are they and why certain times of year
  • Kiribati
  • Kwajalein atoll
  • Later Day Saints in RMI
  • Liberation day – along with dates for each Atoll
  • Majuro atoll – geography and misc
  • Marlin – biology of
  • Marriage in RMI – how differ from in US
  • Marshall Islands Trust
  • Marshallese – difference between new and old orthography
  • Marshallese – Letters in alphabet
  • Marshallese Movies – list of and summary of each
  • Navigation – general
  • Nitijela – structure and how it works
  • Non-communicable diseases (NCD) – increasing problem in RMI
  • Nooniep – what is it
  • Nuclear – Bravo bomb
  • Nuclear – era
  • Nuclear – Issues Outside of Marshall islands
  • Nuclear – Operation Crossroads
  • Nuclear – Pre-Marshall Island
  • Nuclear – Project 4.1
  • Nuclear claims tribunal – what it is and how it works
  • Nuclear era – testing on Enewetak
  • Ocean Currents – around RMI and how affects different parts of country
  • Oceania geography, ie Micronesia, Polynesia and Melanesia
  • other neighboring countries info
  • Pandanus – natural history of
  • Peace Corp – history in RMI and why not there
  • Post Secondary Education
  • Pregnancy – rates, prenatal care, comparisons to other counties,  birth control
  • Prehistory – how RMI was settled
  • Private schools – how many are there, # of students and costs
  • Ralik Chain – geography and misc
  • Ratak Chain – geography and mic
  • Russian Era
  • Shark Sanctuary – when created and significance
  • Ship Registry – what it is and contribution to economy
  • Sports of RMI – basketball, volleyball, softball
  • Springdale, AR – history of Marshallese there
  • Story of Ep / Eb
  • Taiwan – role in RMI – assistance
  • Taxes of Marshall Islands
  • Tertiary education of RMI – Colleges
  • Tourism – how many tourist, influence on economy, potential
  • Trade winds, ocean currents, tides, typhoons
  • Traders Era
  • Traditional games of Marshall islands
  • Traditional Religion
  • Trust territory – history of
  • Tuna – Other tuna species in Marshall Islands and differences
  • Tuna – Skip Jack – natural history of and fishing
  • Typhoons – how often and why,  how different than hurricanes
  • USA relations &  financial assistance
  • Wages – typical wages in RMI and cost of living
  • WAM – What it is and what does it do
  • Warfare – traditional
  • Whalers – The Globe
  • Whalers in the Pacific and in RMI
  • Whaling Era
  • World Teach
  • WUTMI – what it is and what they do
  • WW II – battles at RMI
  • WW II – how were Marshallese affected during the war
  • WW II – The battle of Kwajalein
  • WW II & Marshall Islands
  • 2023 – what will happen then