Civil Beat: articles on domestic Marshallese adoptions

The news organization Honolulu Civil Beat has written multiple articles on domestic Marshallese adoptions.  This organization has had a great influence on revealing the alleged practices of lawyer Paul Peterson and his arrest.  They have written about other lawyers involved in domestic Marshallese adoptions and there is speculation there may additional charges filed before the end of 2019.   Civil Beat is a non-profit organization and if you value their work consider donating to them.   Below is a list of most of their articles.  Many of their articles have links to others. 

Black Market Babies – A Special Report

There’s A Distinct Disconnect Between American And Marshallese Adoptions  (11/27/18)

  • In the U.S., it’s common for an adopted child to lose contact with birth parents. In the Marshall Islands, adopted children return to the birth family when they are 18 if not sooner.

Adoptive Parents Attracted By Marshallese Adoptions  (11/27/18)

  • The wait for a baby, cutbacks in other countries and the cost of adoption in the U.S. prompts some prospective parents into sticky situations.

Desperate Birth Mothers Are Seeking A Better Life (11/27/18)

  • Lack of economic opportunity, educational challenges and rising sea level convince many Marshallese that their babies would be better off with other families in the U.S.

Native American Families Once Faced A Similar Adoption Crisis (11/28/18)

  • Experts say Marshallese adoptions would benefit from the rules put in place to stop adoption abuse and cultural loss in Native American tribes.

This Arkansas Nonprofit Is Trying To Facilitate Lawful Marshallese Adoptions (11/28/18)

  • Still, Marshallese community leaders think it would be better to end all U.S. adoptions from the island nation.

Birth Moms Sometimes Face Adoption Fraud Charges (11/28/18)

  • But defense attorneys question why lawyers involved in the deals that go sour never face scrutiny.

One Family’s Marshallese Adoption Odyssey (11/28/18)

  • Many adoptive parents document their adoption “journey.” For this couple, the better term would be “ordeal.”

Court Cases Open Window Into Marshallese Adoptions (12/27/18)

  • A lawsuit by a Kentucky couple alleges that an Arkansas attorney offered to fly a Marshallese birth mother to the U.S. despite a treaty that bars such travel

Well-Known Adoption Fixer Charged With Human Trafficking (3/25/19)

  • The case offers a rare glimpse into the thriving adoption pipeline to the U.S., documented in a Civil Beat investigation in November.

This Texas Lawyer Flies Marshallese Women Through Hawaii For Black Market Adoptions (6/12/19)

  • In texts and emails with adoptive parents, Dallas lawyer Jody Hall openly flouts laws restricting Marshallese adoptions in the U.S.

Texas Agency Ordered To Stop Marshall Islands Adoptions (7/3/19)

  • Attorney Jody Hall, the subject of a Civil Beat investigation, told clients she would fly in birth mothers from the Marshall Islands in defiance of U.S. and Marshallese law

Marshallese Adoptions Fuel A Lucrative Practice For Some Lawyers

  • U.S. and Marshall Islands officials say the law clearly bars women from traveling to America to give up babies for adoption. But some attorneys are still taking advantage of lax oversight and willing families.

Why A Crackdown On This Growing Adoption Pipeline Just Hasn’t Worked

  • Adoption advocates, hospital workers, even judges are at a loss when it comes to stopping illegal adoptions that are delivering babies from the Marshall Islands to U.S. families

Suspension of Adoptions International, Inc. (of Texas) (6/17/19)

Uncovering the flaws of the adoption process in Arkansas, new details shed light on ethical concerns  (7/10/19)

Feds Charge Arkansas Fixer With Luring Marshallese Women To US For Illegal Adoptions  (10/4/19)

  • Maki Takehisa, identified as a fixer in a Civil Beat investigation last year, worked with an Arizona attorney to arrange black market adoptions.

Major Player In Black Market Marshallese Adoptions Faces Criminal Charges (10/8/19)

  • Paul Petersen, an Arizona attorney who was the focus of a Honolulu Civil Beat investigation, is the target of a multi-state investigation.

Civil Beat Investigation Ripples Beyond Hawaii (10/25/19)

  • Our 2018 investigation has gotten renewed attention after an Arizona attorney was charged with multiple felonies for his role arranging adoptions of Marshallese babies.