3rd Season of Marshallese Manit

Iakwe and welcome to the 3rd season of Marshallese Manit. We hope everyone’s summer went well.

As originally intended, we will start rotating through previous posts on a 2 years cycle. However, we have a few new posts that we will start with before starting the cycle. We hope to edit and clean up previous posts as time for us permits and continue to add new posts. We plan to have up to 3 broad topics going at a time and will alternate weeks. Examples of broad topics include: history, Marshallese language, geography, handicrafts, biographies, etc.

We decided to keep with the format of 3 posts per month. However, to start with, on the 4th week where there has traditionally been no post we will provide links to several articles about Marshallese adoptions. Most of these articles are from Civil Beat out of Hawaii https://www.civilbeat.org/. Afterwards, we will return to a break after every 3rd post. Manit will be off for Summer break around Memorial Day 2020.

We continue to look for authors to submit essays. Just a few would be a great help. If you would like to submit an essay, make a correction or have comments please email: editors@marshallese-manit.org

Please invite anyone (family members, friends, teachers, etc) that might find interest in Manit. They can sign up via our webpage marshallese-manit.org or they can email us and we can add manually.

Kommol tata,

Marshallese Manit Editors